My Delta

where Rijeka encounters the sea...

New, different and aproachable Delta

My Delta is an urban and modern project of redevelopment of port areas Delta and Porto Baros within the Rijeka Gateway Project is funded by the World Bank Loan.  The Republic of Croatia has received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).  The areas situated in the port of Rijeka imply quite attractive but inaccessible space to the citizens of Rijeka that should be converted into the new, commercial cultural and public facilities. Conversion of port facilities into public waterfront is based on the long-standing public and professional need for integration of urban, residential and commercial facilities on this area, i.e. the need for active interface of the port with the city.

Due to the fact that the Delta and Porto Baros areas can be considered among the most attractive and valuable spaces in Rijeka with extensive possibilities for high class housing, pavilions, parks, shopping, entertainment, culture and tourism, above-mentioned component of Rijeka Gateway project aims for  the creation of the new blue and green island at the very centre of the city which will attract both citizens and tourists. A so-called port city interface redevelopment foresees a total relocation of the part of the port area under the management  of the Port of Rijeka Authority. 

In that sense, a part of the area which is today used for port activities, in particular for the cargo warehousing, will be transformed into urban centre which should upgrade the maritime and Mediterranean image of the city of Rijeka. At the same time, the citizens of Rijeka as many other visitors, will experience attractive contents and activities at one unique place that reconciles restless business part with the culture, art, leisure, entertainment and relaxation providing an ideal opportunity to establish the new modern urban identity.  The Delta & Porto Baros areas comprise very valuable land attached to the city centre of Rijeka. Their re-development has to be carefully planned and should be in harmony with the character of the city centre. The change-over between the city area and the newly developed port areas should be fluent as these areas constitute the access of the city to the waterfront.