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Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the development of the Delta and Porto Baros area in Rijeka

On 11th of July in 2013, Port of Rijeka Authority and the City of Rijeka in cooperation with the Rijeka Architect Association (DAR) hereby extend an invitation to the following  public, international, open, single-stage, anonymous, ideas COMPETITION for the urban-architectural concept design for the development of the Delta and Porto Baros area in Rijeka  

Competition rules will be announced in Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds of the Republic ofCroatia and on the web site of Port of Rijeka authority,,, on web site of the City of Rijeka and DAR web pages

Complete Competition documentation (rules, assignment and basis) are available for download at the web page of the Rijeka Society of Architects from 09th July 2013.

The take-over of the Competition Documentation is free of charge. Any further information can be obtained by mail:


The urban redevelopment of the port facilities located in the Rijeka city centre is based on the long public and expert perception and awareness of the need for the integration of the city residential and commercial spaces and its port. The citizens of Rijeka would like to see their port actively engaged with its environment. The so called Port-City Interface redevelopment (PCI) foresees a complete redesign and modernization of an area (15 hectares) in the centre of Rijeka, presently used for the port activities, with various port facilities and warehouses.

The decision to have the stricly industrial facilities, placed within the port area, transformed and redeveloped into new urban spaces providing a public benefit to the city residents and visitors, is certainly an important indicator of the willingness to accept and follow the modern European and global trends in the urban organization of the city.

The PCI component includes:

  • a modern maritime passenger terminal to accommodate car-ferries and cruisers - breakwater
  • nautical centre –marina – Port Baross
  • various commercial-residential, business, cultural, entertaining and public facilities – DELTA

In accordance with the Master Urban Development Plan, the Danish companies COWI and Gehl Architects have worked out the guidelines for the redevelopment of the existing 15 ha area at Delta and Port Baross. These reputable Danish companies, engaged through a public international competitive process, were expected to offer such architectural-urban design solutions which would be to the satisfaction of both, the investors/developer and the residents of Rijeka and its visitors. There is a number of potential investors/developer from all over the world showing interest to take part in the redevelopment of the mentioned area.

Market survey on Re-development of Delta and Porto Baros Areas [DOC]