My Delta

where Rijeka encounters the sea...
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Development of the „waterfront“regarded as the area that connects port and the city is an important element for the overall development of the urban tourism industry. Construction of the waterfront is considered as one of the best commercial ideas in the world of waterfront development especially where the redundant areas are converted into the centers of business, tourism, culture and leisure. This kind of urban reconstruction often guarantees the most visited location in the city attracting business partners, local visitors, and also significant number of new tourists. This coastal encounter of the port and the city or so-called „ Port and City Interface“ shapes a new metropolitan logic that contains the vision of the future of the city, which will in this case enable a better social integration and the strong feeling for the community thus generating a completely new, different and finally approachable Delta. 

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At the beginning of the Rijeka Gateway Project, the communication activities commenced with the site visits organized by the World Bank. For the purpose of introducing the redevelopment options of mentioned port areas to the wide public, the site visits included boat tours and the presentation of the guidelines made by the consulting from Cowi according to the General Urbanistic plan and other documents that would be a part of bidding documentation. Finally, the official interactive website was introduced with the purpose of compiling the comments and suggestions by methods of the public opinion survey.